Description of project : TSUTAYA BOOKS Local Products 蔦屋書店のおみやげ
Client : CCC Co.,Ltd.
Category : Souvenir
Creative Direction,Product Design : Yoh Komiyama Design
Year : 2017
Photo by Gottingham




“Local Products by TSUTAYA BOOKS” is a project that develops “book-themed souvenirs” together with
companies and craftsmen with traditional technologies in areas with TSUTAYA BOOKS (such as Tokyo, Saga, and Miyagi) in an effort to aid in regional revitalization.

・Aiming to create a fusion of new and traditional cultures
TSUTAYA BOOKS offers new lifestyles through media such as books, movies, and music, and our first bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo attracts more than a million customers every year. While opening numerous bookstores across Japan, we encountered companies with with deep regional roots and craftsmen with amazing techniques, and together we developed “book-themed souvenirs” and made them available for sale at TSUTAYA BOOKS.

・A positive collaboration between the differing genres of art and business
A distinguishing characteristic of this project is the fact that artists carry out regional research, focus on specific motifs that are key to craftsmanship, collect and classify their findings, and, through the use of photographs, text, and data, create a research book for each region that highlights periodicity, universality, cultural differences, and social structures.

・A new type of souvenir
By having a book-themed souvenir and research book together as a set, it is a new type of souvenir that tells the story of craftsmanship behind it.

For tourists, it may spark their interested in particular regions; for TSUTAYA BOOKS, it is a way to share regional cultures; and for craftsmen, it leads to regional pride and economic circulation.