Born in 1980. Product designer. Yoh Komiyama is engaged in numerous product developments and research projects with an aim to generate new experiences and values. Graduated from Tama Art University. After working at an architectural design firm, and he worked as a product designer for a manufacturer. He is one of the founding members of Window Research Institute founded by YKK AP Inc. in 2013, and is responsible for planning and management of the institute. Presented a research project “mold” at Ventura Projects in Milano Salone. Participated in the project of traditional craft art “TC&D”, as well as “ ’FEEDING‘ New Ideas for the City” and many other projects. Founded YOH KOMIYAMA DESIGN in Shanghai and Tokyo in 2011. Awards include MUJI AWARD GOLDEN PRIZE, Red Dot Design Award, Design For Asia Award and more.

小宮山 洋

プロダクトデザイナー。YKK AP 窓研究所立ち上げメンバー。多摩美術大学卒業後、建築事務所を経て、メーカーにてプロダクトデザイナーとして活動後、2011 年に東京・上海にてYOH KOMIYAMA DESIGN 設立。国内ではペット用自動給餌器「PETLY」や、蔦屋書店初のデジタルプロダクト「T Air」のデザインを担当。東京都美術館「TC&D」での作品展示。国外ではミラノサローネ「ventura projects」にてリサーチプロジェクト「mold」を発表。INTERNI‘FEEDING’ New Ideas for The City」、parisのセレクトショップ「merci」での展示。MUJI AWARD GOLD PRIZERed Dot Design AwardDesign for Asia AwardGOOD DESIGN AWARD など受賞多数。



photo by Kazuyuki Okada